Don't Gamble With Our Future

You elected Governor Rauner to be a reformer.

So why is he going along with Rahm Emanuel’s scheme for a city-owned casino in Chicago?

Rahm says he needs a city-owned casino to bring in revenue to save Chicago from its disastrous fiscal mess. But Illinois consumers are already bombarded with casino choices, half a dozen within driving distance of downtown Chicago. No wonder from 2007-2014 gaming revenue in Illinois fell 30 percent.


Here are the Facts:

  • A Chicago-owned casino would never bring in enough revenue to save the city and state from their underfunded pension crisis
  • Existing businesses in downtown Chicago would have to be bought out and bulldozed to build Rahm’s Palace
  • The whole scheme is nothing but a way for Rahm Emanuel to give new government jobs to his union supporters like Unite Here

A city-owned Chicago casino would destroy businesses, increase corruption, and put Illinois further in debt.

Tell Governor Rauner not to let Emanuel give taxpayer money to his union buddies!


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